technical assistance

Biodiesel Research and Education Projects

The Appalachian State University Collaborative Biodiesel Project is a student-led initiative that is partially funded by an award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The project is developing a closed loop biodiesel processing facility that provides for its own energy needs, and recycles its waste products. The project's goal is to create a sustainable biodiesel processor model that can be easily replicated by others.

Appalachian Regional Bureau of Government

The Appalachian Regional Bureau of Government serves local and regional governments and law enforcement personnel enabling them to function more effectively. Services include: in-service training, technical assistance, research and information.

Educational programs sponsored by the bureau are offered in the areas of law enforcement, budgeting, financial and personnel management, planning, tourism, zoning and land use planning, historic preservation, and environmental concerns.

Enology Services Laboratory

The Appalachian State University Enology Services Lab has served the North Carolina wine and grape industry since harvest of 2010 and provides analyses to assist harvest and wine production decisions including Brix, TA, pH, Nitrogen, Malic Acid, Glucose + Fructose, Volatile Acidity, Total and Free SO2, and Alcohol. In addition, we offer wine sensory evaluation to help identify specific sensory issues and provide feedback from our trained panel through blind tasting and standardized evaluations.

Hop, IBU, and in-depth (HPLC, GCMS) evaluation is also available.