Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energies (AIRE)

Steve Owen
164 S Depot St.
Boone, NC 28607

Phone: 828-268-5022
Fax: 828-265-5650


The goal is to convey the importance of renewable energy and specifically wind energy, the gathering threat of global warming and continued reliance on fossil fuels, the potential of wind energy to mitigate these as well as provide jobs, community benefit, supplememnt farm incomes and rural livlihoods.  The struggle over changing energy paradigms is evident right here in the boone area, nationally and indeed, globally.  The messages targeted at the broader public are however, rarely objective.  Nor are they contesxtualized in effective economic, ecological, and public health/well-being terms for teh broader public to make fully informed opinions about energy policy.  Dominant forces that argue for more fossil fuel production are well funded and they spend lavishly on Public relations.  AIRE is a community-based education initiative whose aim is to cut through this spin and reframe the daebate

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Graphic Artist & Website Designer: help design a website that conveys the mission of AIRE
  • Communications & Public Relations: assist with public education of AIRE's mission
  • Graphic Design Intern: help design graphics for a business plan, powerpoint presentations, PR materials, and possibly website design
  • Research Assistant Intern: help research current renewable energy projects, city and state laws, sustainable development updates, and assist with the development of a business plan