Appalachian Popular Programming Society

A.P.P.S. is the Appalachian Popular Programming Society and is responsible for the majority of entertainment brought to ASU. APPS is comprised of seven different councils each of which provides a specific form of entertainment. APPS programs events in such venues as Legends, I.G. Greer, the Plemmons Student Union , Farthing Auditorium, Crossroads Coffeehouse , Holmes Convocation Center, Greenbriar Theater, and Varsity Gym. APPS is truly student run, and provides members the opportunity to create programs they feel the campus as a whole will enjoy. The members take a show, program, festival, or film from concept to reality. If it is going on at ASU, it is probably going on because of APPS. Funding for APPS and the events it helps provide comes from ASU student fees.

A.P.P.S. Mission

  • The purpose of A.P.P.S. is to function as the student activity fee-funded entertainment programming organization for students.
  • Through its seven programming councils, A.P.P.S. members select, plan, promote, and present a diverse variety of popular entertainment programs and films which enhance the socialand cultural life for Appalachian students.
  • For involved students, A.P.P.S. offers a unique leadership development learning experience through the planning and production of these events.
  • A.P.P.S. contributes to student satisfaction and the retention of students by creating a dynamic, lively campus social environment.