Home School Physical Education Program

The ASU Home School PE Program is a part of the ASU Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Program. It is overseen by Dr. Benjamin Sibley. Dr. Sibley is a licensed K-12 physical education teacher and a professor in the ASU PETE program, and has many years of experience working with children in both academic and recreational settings.

Classes are taught by junior-level physical education majors in the ASU PETE program in conjunction with a university course in elementary physical education teaching methods. All lesson planning and instruction is supervised by Dr. Sibley. We offer classes at three developmental levels: Cadets (5-6 years), Juniors (7-8 years), and Seniors (10+ years). Class placement is based on both age and developmental level.

We use the innovative SPARK physical education curriculum in our PE program. The SPARK curriculum has been shown to improve students' motor skills, to improve students' fitness, and to be enjoyable for students in a variety of research studies. For more information on the SPARK curriculum, check out their website at http://www.sparkpe.org.